Leather Dog Harness | American Flag (Oli Collars)



This Americana Style Leather Dog Harness will certainly embrace the American roots and the patriotic passion.

This Cool Dog Harness is a clear and bold statement of unity, and culture.

Being bold about your patriotism, spawning conversations and creating a unique style.

This leather dog harness is more than just a dog harness, it’s a statement an expression a passion.

Imagine the individuality your dog will represent when entering the park, an event, a show or a room.

The blue leather with chrome starts contrasts nicely with the red and white stripes that embrace the American flag.

Red straps hold the chest plate while a strong harness strap buckles around the body of your dog.

In this Americana style harness, the fit is just perfect for a medium to large size dog, the leather work can be customized to suit smaller breeds as well. Please ask us how we can help you determine size if you need a smaller range.

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